Clean Radiator Inlet Tanks Can Prevent Overheating

In order to cool the boiling hot coolant coursing through your car engine, your water pump must drive large volumes of liquid through the system each and every second. As the coolant enters the radiator, it needs a place to collect. These spaces are called radiator inlet and outlet tanks, and they can be found on the tops or sides of most mainstream radiator designs.

Under normal operating circumstances, these tanks remain clog free. This allows the coolant to flow freely through the radiator core and improves overall cooling efforts. Over time, debris may clog the inlet or outlet tank valves and cause coolant blockage and overheating issues.

While this condition can be hard for the layperson to diagnose, here at our service department in the Rock Hill area we field certified and experienced cooling network experts who can uncover any hidden issues in your system. To find out more, swing by Honda Cars of Rock Hill today for a no-obligation conversation.

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