Vehicle Cleaning Hotspots

If you need to clean your car quickly, detailing is just not possible. You won't be able to clean every part in your vehicle, but you can tackle some common hotspots to make passengers think that you've performed a deep cleaning. We want you to ride with pride, so here are some cleaning hotspots you need to be aware of.

The first thing that others will see is the exterior. You can perform a quick cleaning job in only a few minutes. Simple spray the car with water to dislodge any loose dirt. Then, soak a microfiber cloth, spray it with a quick-dry cleaner, and wipe down the entire car. This will dry it out and give it a nice sheen. Next, take a look at the interior. Remove any trash and place must-have items in a bag so that they're not rolling around as you drive. You can then remove dust from the floor mats, wipe down the center console, and clean the windows to make your car look great.

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