Muffler and Exhaust Service Needs

The muffler on your vehicle is a very important part of your car that is responsible for muffling the loud sounds from your engine block. The exhaust system is then tied into that muffler and the sounds and exhaust fumes will be expelled out the back of your vehicle. If there is something wrong with either of these areas of your vehicle you will notice a problem such as:

  • An increase in fumes coming from your exhaust that either you can see in the cold temperatures or you can smell when you walk around your vehicle.
  • Your engine will sound louder than it normally does upon starting the vehicle and also while driving.
  • You may notice condensation accumulating around the exhaust pipe or a slow drip of moisture may be leaking out upon inspection.

If you suspect any of these issues are occurring, give our service center here at Honda Cars of Rock Hill a call.

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