Serpentine Belts

Most modern vehicles use a serpentine belt to drive auxiliary parts of the motion of the crankshaft. The serpentine belts is just like it sounds; it is a long belt that snakes among the pulleys that drive parts like the alternator and power-steering.

The reason the serpentine belt is popular among manufacturers is that it is easy to apply. The parts the belt power are placed at the front of the engine so that the serpentine belt can reach and power each of them. The effect is to standardize the location of these parts throughout the industry. Since the parts and the belt are up front and accessible, they are easy to remove and replace.

The disadvantage of the serpentine belt system is that when the belt fails, the whole system fails. You are stuck.

Check a serpentine belt regularly by bringing your car to our service center at Honda Cars of Rock Hill in Rock Hill, SC for service.

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