Lists and Tips for a Successful Test Drive

There a several ways to find a vehicle that will be a perfect match for your lifestyle and driving conditions. Here are a few tips when test driving vehicles.

  • Before heading out, make a checklist. Do you need a truck or minivan? Is it important to have four doors, or are two doors enough? How much trunk or cargo space do you need?
  • Check the miles per gallon each vehicle gets and what type of fuel the car uses. Operate the technology features in the automobile. Will it pair with your cell phone? Ask about the vehicles navigation and mapping systems too.
  • When driving the vehicle, note how it feels while making corners and braking. Are the seats comfortable and can you see out of the windshield clearly?

If you would like to learn more test drive tips and technology features in our used vehicles, we invite you to visit us at Honda Cars of Rock Hill in Rock Hill, SC to take some test drives today.

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