Auto-dimming mirrors are the latest and exciting safety technology for vehicles. While you used to deal with glare by changing your mirror manually, a new sensor and microchip technology make it so that you can drive without worrying about any glare or adjustments. So how does auto-dimming work?

Auto-dimming used to be something that you found in premium and luxury vehicles, but today, the technology has become easy to create with sensors and a microprocessor. These are also called electrochromic mirrors because they are able to automatically deflect the glare using a photodiode.

Why not get into a new vehicle with more safety features? Most new vehicles have other driver assistance features, in addition to auto-dimming. These features include blind spot monitoring and lane departure assist. There are also rearview cameras that can provide parking assist guides and rear pedestrian alerts. You can see all of these new features when you visit Honda Cars Rock Hill located in Rock Hill, SC.

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