When you want to get the most out of Android Auto, you’ll need to set it up so that it syncs with all of your apps, messenger, and calling. You can now do everything through voice-enabled controls. While not all apps work, it does reduce distractions and allows you to access music, messaging, radio, news, weather, stocks, and so much more.

In addition, you can use Google Maps or Waze as your preferred GPS. You can go on long trips and use GPS just as if it was built into the vehicle. It’s easy to use with any infotainment LCD screen. Almost all cars after 2015 must have an LCD center console due to the rearview camera law.

Android Auto is the new way to connect to everything on your phone. You can test drive the latest vehicles and use the infotainment system. The Android Auto syncs up to your phone easily. Stop by Honda Cars Rock Hill located in Rock Hill, SC.

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