Why You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

We care about Rock Hill, SC car owners being informed and getting the most out of their purchases. Cars are a major expense, so washing them regularly helps preserve their value as long as possible. You can get a higher trade-in value at Honda Cars of Rock Hill in the future when you wash your car on a weekly basis.

Washing your car isn't just about the exterior. The inside parts of your vehicle also last longer when you regularly clean it. Your car looks and smells nicer too, which can improve the driving experience. You may feel more positive in the mornings driving to work when the car looks and smells great. You'll also get more money for your car when you resell it because you have protected its coating through regular washing. Dirt that's left on your car too long causes rusting and deterioration of its protective coating.

We recommend washing your car once a week if possible to keep it in good condition not only for resell value but your own pleasure as well. You may be able to get away with washing it twice or once a month as long as your car isn't exposed to a lot of damaging elements like tree sap, pollen and bug guts.

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