One essential that you need to have on hand when you're tailgating is a first-aid kit. This doesn't need to be very big since most venues in Rock Hill, SC have some type of security or medical personnel at the location. Keep necessary medications, bandages, bug spray, and ointments for cuts in the kit along with other items that you would feel comfortable having on hand.

Jumper cables are an item that you want to keep in your car while tailgating as well, especially if you plan on playing your car's radio while outside. In the event that your battery is drained, you can easily jump start it using someone's car at the event. Honda Cars of Rock Hill can check your battery and other electrical components to ensure that they are in the best condition before tailgating.

Consider decorating the outside of your car to show support for your team and so that your friends can find your car at the event. This is also a way that you can easily spot your car after the game so that you don't get lost.

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