So many cat and dog lovers drive off the Honda Cars of Rock Hill lot in a brand-new car, cruise around Rock Hill, SC for a couple of weeks and then end up with a cabin full of pet dander in no time. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fight back against this constant threat to a pet owner's sanity.

The classic answer was to lay blankets or towels down on the seats. This works as long as you make sure to change them out periodically. You'll still want to brush the upholstery on the seats periodically even if you do cover them.

You might want to consider wearing a dry rubber glove and rubbing it over the seats since the little groves in it will work to get hair out of places your fingers don't fit. A few vendors now make specialized tools that pull pet hair out of the seats, but some motorists have found that fresh dryer sheets work just as well.

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