The Purpose of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is essential for you to be able to stop your vehicle in the appropriate manner. When you apply the brakes, brake fluid goes to each brake so that pressure can bring your vehicle to a stop. There are signs to look for regarding when your brake fluid needs to be changed.

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Vehicle Cleaning Hotspots

If you need to clean your car quickly, detailing is just not possible. You won't be able to clean every part in your vehicle, but you can tackle some common hotspots to make passengers think that you've performed a deep cleaning. We want you to ride with pride, so here are some cleaning hotspots you need to be aware of.

The first thing that others will see is the exterior. You can perform a quick cleaning job in only a few minutes. Simple spray the car with water to dislodge any loose dirt. 

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Start a Carpool: Tips to Stay Organized

Our dealership always likes to put safety first! We have a few tips to keep you and the kids in your carpool safe and prepared for the school day. A few weeks before school starts, get your notebook out and start contacting parents to join the carpool.

Organize your Carpool

Your carpool should include a calendar that all parents can access and emails/phone numbers for all of the parents. 

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Getting to Know the Backup Camera

Backup cameras are appearing on more and more vehicles, and for cars produced in 2018 or later, they are mandatory. Do you know what a backup camera is? In this post, we'll explain why they are so important.

The backup camera sits at the rear of the vehicle and shows you what is right behind you so that you don't back into an obstacle or person.

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Do You Know What Is in Your Vehicle Report?

If you are in the need for a used vehicle, then it is best to gather as much information as you can about the vehicle in question. In addition to learning about the general performance and condition of a vehicle, having the history of a vehicle provides insights that aid in making a sound purchase.

Dealers want customers to make wise purchasing decisions so acquiring a vehicle history report is a plus. 

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Should You Use a Car Cover?

We at Honda Cars of Rock Hill think a car cover is a worthwhile investment for anyone wishing to protect their vehicle. One of the best things about a car cover is how much money it may save you in the future. A new paint job and/or bodywork is something costly that most people want to avoid.

Using a cover for your car can help protect it against sun damage, chips from rocks or grit, animals scratching the paint and storms.

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Lists and Tips for a Successful Test Drive

There a several ways to find a vehicle that will be a perfect match for your lifestyle and driving conditions. Here are a few tips when test driving vehicles.

  • Before heading out, make a checklist. Do you need a truck or minivan? Is it important to have four doors, or are two doors enough? How much trunk or cargo space do you need?
  • Check the miles per gallon each vehicle gets and what type of fuel the car uses. Operate the technology features in the automobile. 
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Automotive Service | Suspension

If you are noticing that your vehicle is bouncing a bit more than it has in the past, that might mean you have a problem with your suspension. The suspension has a direct correlation to how well your car is going to steer and whether or not it will even be able to drive down the road in Rock Hill.

If the suspension system goes out entirely, you are going to notice that your car can actually scrape against the road if you hit a big enough bump, causing all kinds of other problems. 

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Taking the Guess Work out of Tire Size Readings

On the sides of the tire, the tire size is shown by a series of numbers. Your standard passenger tire will have three "groups" of numbers next to each other, with the last number following a letter. The first 3 digit number is a measurement of the tire's width, known as section width, and it expresses this size in millimeters.

The second grouping of numbers is a little more complicated and represents the height of the side wall. 

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Does Your Brake Pedal in Rock Hill Need to Be Repaired?

When you push on the brake pedal, you expect to get a swift response. A mushy brake pedal that barely responds is a sure sign of a problem. You might notice that you have to stomp all the way down on the pedal to get your car to slow down.

There are many reasons why your brake pedal might become "soft." There could be air in the brake lines, and fixing that is a quick repair. 

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