Comparing Midsize Sedans: Putting the 2022 Honda Accord and 2022 Toyota Camry Head-to-Head

Sedans balance power, efficiency, style, and capability to create a well-rounded model to suit nearly any driver's needs. Comparing the 2022 Honda Accord and 2022 Toyota Camry will show you the similarities and differences between them, allowing you to decide which matches your lifestyle. Our team wants to make it easier than ever to find your next vehicle and encourages you to reach out to our team with any questions.

The 2022 Honda Accord ensures drivers can find a dependable and versatile vehicle that adds some fun to their daily commute or weekly errands. The athletic look separates it from many other sedans. Getting inside will show you how the interior reflects the design of the outside, being a refined and upscale model that you might love to see in your driveway.

Another all-purpose sedan is the 2022 Toyota Camry. While it also has a strong design, it doesn't have the same flair or features as the 2022 Honda Accord. Our comparison takes a closer look at the specs and options of each model so you can decide which comes with everything you're looking for. There's no need to settle for anything less than what you want when you shop with Honda Cars of Rock Hill.

Our team researched each vehicle to build a comparison you can rely on. Instead of spending hours searching websites, you can look at ours to find the information you've been looking for. The 2022 Honda Accord and 2022 Toyota Camry are both popular models, but we want to get you into the one that is perfect for the needs of your life.

Feel free to reach out to our team in Rock Hill, SC if you have any questions about our comparison or want to learn more about our new vehicles. We look forward to working with you to ensure you always enjoy the time you spend driving.

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2022 Honda Accord vs 2022 Toyota Camry

  • You'll find more torque on the base engine of the 2022 Honda Accord than you will from the 2022 Toyota Camry, providing a snappier performance and quicker acceleration.
  • Every seat of the 2022 Honda Accord is more spacious than the seats of the 2022 Toyota Camry.
  • The 2022 Honda Accord offers more cargo space than the 2022 Toyota Camry, allowing you to fit more gear without packing it alongside your passengers.
  • Drivers have found the infotainment system of the 2022 Honda Accord more responsive than the screen of the 2022 Toyota Camry, making it easier to swap songs and access apps.
  • A ten-speed automatic transmission is equipped on the 2022 Honda Accord Sport, something that you cannot equip on the 2022 Camry.
  • An Active Shutter Grille is equipped on some upgraded trims of the 2022 Honda Accord, which is a feature that isn't found anywhere in the 2022 Camry trim lineup.
  • Both models come with a standard dual-zone automatic climate control system to keep you and your passengers comfortable during a drive of any length.
  • The 2022 Honda Accord lineup offers heated rear seats, but the 2022 Toyota Camry doesn't offer the same feature on its trims.
  • Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® are industry-standard connectivity systems that both models come equipped with to access your essential apps and media throughout any drive.
  • Honda Sensing® safety features come equipped on the 2022 Honda Accord, and the 2022 Toyota Camry has Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.5+.